Only Tap Water Delivers is the County of Oxford’s public education campaign about the quality of municipal water in our community.
Municipal water is safe water. As a public works utility, we must meet strict requirements under Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act. Tap water in Oxford County is monitored 24/7 to make sure it’s free from harmful contaminants.

Why drink tap water?

Did you know the water from your tap is regularly tested for bacteria and more than 70 different chemicals? Tap water offers safety, reliability, and the best value for your dollar. A typical 500 mL bottle you buy outside the home can cost between $1.00 and $3.00. From your tap, you can fill the same water bottle more than 1,500 times for $1.00!

There are many reasons people choose to drink tap water:

  • It costs less
  • It’s safe
  • It’s convenient
  • It's a better choice for the environment
  • They like the taste


Public water systems in Ontario use chlorine to treat drinking water so it is safe from harmful bacteria. Although the amount of chlorine in a glass of water is very small—only 1 part per million— some people are sensitive to the taste and smell of chlorine in their drinking water. Here are tips on how to minimize the taste:

  • Install a carbon filter on your home faucet
  • Refrigerate tap water for a few hours before drinking to allow chlorine to dissipate
  • Filling your water cooler jug from the tap will also allow time for chlorine to dissipate and for water to chill
  • Add lemon, lime or small amount of fruit juice to your glass or pitcher

Benefits of a reliable municipal water system

A reliable municipal water system benefits the community in many ways.

Protecting public health

An estimated 3 million people die every year from preventable waterborne disease. Water systems in North America allow us to drink from virtually any public tap with a high assurance of safety, and without fear of diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

Support for the economy

A safe, reliable water supply is central to the economic success of a community. Tap water is critical to the day-to-day operations of existing businesses and to the viability of new commercial enterprises or residential developments.

Quality of life

Tap water is more than a convenience; it is central to our everyday lives. Any measure of a successful society—low mortality rates, economic diversity, productivity, public safety—is in some way related to access to safe water. Tap water is such an intricate part of our lives that we can hardly imagine a day without it.