Oxford County retained a multi-disciplinary team lead by Brook Mcllroy Inc., in association with Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd., to undertake a Community/Urban Design Strategy for the County. The intent of this exercise was to develop a community/urban design policy framework and implementation strategy for the County and eight area municipalities.

 Community Consultation & Workshop materials

Public and stakeholder input are central to the development of the Community/Urban Design Strategy and will help to shape the future character and design of Oxford County. Public open houses/workshops were held in three different locations in the County. Copies of the materials presented at those open house/workshop sessions are provided as follows:

 Why a County-Wide Community/Urban Design Strategy?

The purpose of the Community/Urban Design Strategy is to develop a community design policy framework to assist the County in implementing provincial policy direction and achieving other local planning and community objectives, while ensuring that a high standard of urban design can be achieved and maintained throughout the County.

The implementation strategy will set out an overall community design action plan for the County. It will include recommendations on the need for additional studies, tools and/or processes needed to effectively implement the community design policies and to achieve an overall high quality design approach for the communities within the County.

 What are Community Design Policies?

Community design policies help to shape the overall design and character of a community and provide associated planning and design direction for use in the review of development proposals. The community design policies being developed for Oxford County are intended to address the full range of design considerations, including:

  • Community/neighbourhood structure
  • Context and placemaking
  • Community focal points
  • Public spaces such as parks and streets
  • Site and building design
  • Heritage and culture
  • Accommodating pedestrians and other alternative modes of transportation
  • Landscaping, signage and lighting
  • Environmental sustainability

Any questions or comments regarding the County’s Community/Urban Design Strategy may be directed to the Manager of Strategic Policy Planning. Project updates and additional information will be posted on this webpage as they become available.