Oxford County is the upper tier to eight Area Municipalities and is responsible for the provision of a wide range of services to its residents. These services, many of which can be accessed through Customer Service at the Oxford County Administration Building located in downtown Woodstock, make an important contribution to the quality of life of all who live here. 

Individual programs and services offered to County residents are available through various departments, each of which can be easily accessed here using the side navigation bar, where you will find information and contacts as well as links to the services offered.

General Inquiries

Oxford County Administration Building
P. O. Box 1614
21 Reeve Street
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 7Y3
519-539-9800 | Toll-free: 1-800-755-0394

 Oxford County Administration

Benjamin Addley
Chief Administrative Officer
CAO/Clerk's Office

Lynn Buchner
Director, Corporate Services

David Simpson
Director, Public Works

Mark Dager
Director, Long Term Care/Woodingford Lodge

Paul Michiels
Director, Community Planning

Amy Smith
Director, Human Resources

Kelly Black
Director, Human Services

Ryan Hall
Director/Chief, Oxford County Paramedic Services

Lisa Marie Williams
CEO & Chief Librarian, Oxford County Library

 Paramedic Services

In any emergency we are here to help. Oxford County Paramedic Services is committed to the community health and public safety of the people who live in Oxford County. View more about our Oxford County Paramedic Services.

 CAO & Clerk's Office

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the most senior, non-elected officer for the County charged with exercising general control and management of the affairs of the municipality in accordance with Council-approved policy and in a professional, effective, efficient and customer-oriented manner.

Reporting to Council and the County Warden, the CAO draws upon the expertise of staff through the Senior Management Team comprising seven department heads.  Acting as the main resource to Council, the CAO must remain current on existing and proposed legislation in order for Council to make informed decisions. The CAO works closely with the County Warden, attending all meetings of County Council as well as any meetings held with senior government officials and ensuring the Warden is provided with any pertinent data required to enable Council to make well informed decisions.

Benjamin Addley
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
County of Oxford
21 Reeve Street, P. O. Box 1614
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 7Y3

Ph: 519-539-9800
Direct: 519-539-0015, ext. 3000
Email: baddley@oxfordcounty.ca


The primary role of the Clerk is to perform the statutory duties assigned to the position by provincial legislation (The Municipal Act and other related Acts and Regulations) and Council.

The Clerk oversees and manages the legislative process and related activities of Council, providing secretarial support including the preparation of Agendas, Minutes, Reports and By-laws.  The Clerk is also responsible for the communication of Council directives and actions both internally and externally and is the custodian of all corporate records such as Minutes and By-laws.  The Clerk is the contact for receipt of correspondence and requests for delegation status for Council meetings.

Chloe Senior, Clerk
County of Oxford
21 Reeve Street, P. O. Box 1614
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 7Y3

Ph:  519-539-9800
Direct:  519-539-0015, ext. 3001

 Corporate Services
Corporate services focuses on supporting internal services, area municipal services and the public.

The Corporate Services department consists of:

  • Customer Service
  • Financial Services
  • Information Systems
  • Records Management and Archives
  • Provincial Offences Court
  • Oxford County Library
 Public Works

Public Works is responsible for day to day administration, supervision, and maintenance of the Oxford County Waste Management Facility, Water and Wastewater facilities, County Roads and facilities owned or leased by the County.

Our staff maintain County owned and leased properties throughout Oxford. Properties range from new structures, such as the Ingersoll Town Centre, home of Oxford County Library, to historical buildings such as the County Courthouse in Woodstock. Staff strive to maintain the unique characteristics of the properties, while at the same time working to ensure they are accessible to all citizens of Oxford.

 Human Services

Finding, understanding and applying for social and community services can be a challenge -- especially when someone is already facing difficult times. That’s why the Human Services professional team considers many different factors when helping a client: income, education, health, transportation, employment, safety/legal, and shelter.

By focusing on overall quality of life, the Human Services team can help clients find out about other community programs and resources that can help meet their needs. Our goal is to provide great service while helping clients enhance their quality of life and contribute to their community.

View more about Human Services.

 Community Planning
 The Community Planning Office plays a central role in the planning and management of new development in the County. Each development proposal is evaluated according to its compatibility with adjacent land uses as well as Oxford County’s social, economic, heritage and natural environments.

Some of the things we do: 
  • Forecast population and land needs
  • Develop land use and resource policies
  • Conduct research
  • Prepare by-laws
  • Evaluate development proposals
  • Assist in groundwater protection
 Human Resources

 Employees at Oxford County deliver essential public services to our residents including long-term care, libraries, community and strategic planning, human services, public works, information services, public health and emergency services, and support services. Ensuring we have a strong people culture that recognizes and values employees is critical to our continued success.

View more about Human Resources

 Long Term Care

Woodingford Lodge is a municipally owned and operated, not for profit, long-term care trio of homes located in Oxford County.

View more on Woodingford Lodge