Things you ought to know when you have a grinder pump. Your home may have a grinder pump if you live in an area of limited elevation.

A grinder pump plays a very important role in moving your Wastewater properly and efficiently into the main sewer system. Sewage grinder pumps take the solids and liquids from your home and grind it up so that it can be pumped into the main sewer pipes that lead to a Wastewater treatment facility.

Why do I have a grinder pump?

You have a grinder pump because your house is lower than the main sewage system pipes. Wastewater travels through the pipes by gravity. If your house is at the bottom of a hill for example, there is no gravity to help push the Wastewater through the pipes. This is why you need a grinder pump to help move your Wastewater through the pipes.

What things can I, or can't I, do?

It is especially important for you to be cautious of the things you put down your sink or toilet.

Do not put the following items down the drain, sink, or toilet:

  • Bulky food,
  • Grease, cooking oil, or hazardous chemicals
  • Metal, glass, cloths, napkins, or rags
  • Feminine products
  • Diapers
  • Hair clippings or clumps
  • Sand or cat litter 

What if I put a forbidden item down my sink or into my toilet?

It is always best practice to never put anything other than dirty water down the drain or toilet. If you have a grinder pump and you put any of the above items into your sewer system you risk damaging the pump or flooding your sewage system. This could mean an unwanted mess in your basement. It is always best to properly dispose of all refuge and only put dirty water down your sinks and toilet.