All long-term care homes in Ontario are regulated by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and inspected by the provincial government. As municipally owned long-term care homes, all three Woodingford Lodge homes (Woodstock, Ingersoll, and Tillsonburg) are operated by Oxford County, with Oxford County Council providing oversight for their management.

Documents on this page are posted under requirement by provincial legislation, or are shared to provide more information about long-term care from government or agency sources. 


Emergency plan

Long-term care homes are required to post their emergency plans. Woodingford Lodge's emergency procedures include the following. 

  1. Code Red – Fire Safety
  2. Code Green – Evacuation
  3. Code Yellow – Missing Resident
  4. Code Silver – Person with Weapon – Exceptional Threat
  5. Code Grey – External Release
  6. Code Purple – Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather
  7. Code Brown – Carbon Monoxide Leak- Emissions
  8. Code Brown –Natural Gas Leak or Hazardous Chemical Spill
  9. Code White – Violet Person – Resident
  10. Loss of Electronic Communication Systems

Pandemic Plan

Long-term care homes are required to post their pandemic response plans. 

A Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness and Response (2022)

Continuous Quality Improvement Plan reports

Long-term care homes are required under legislation to develop Quality Improvement Plans and report regularly to show how they are working to improve quality of care to residents.

Woodingford Lodge's plan focuses on the following priority areas:

  • using technology to improve workflow, manage workload, and help residents feel connected;
  • enhancing our relationship with our community partners and stakeholders; and, 
  • ensuring staff satisfaction and retention to ensure the continued delivery of excellent care to residents.


Woodingford Lodge - Woodstock: Continuous Quality Improvement Interim Report, July 2022

Woodingford Lodge - Ingersoll: Continuous Quality Improvement Interim Report, July 2022

Resources for residents and families

Government and agency supports can help explain how to find a long-term care home, what to expect when living in long-term care, and your rights as a resident. Recommended resources include: