road bending to the left, with grassy area on the side and a few trees with a sign that states the litter is picked up by the Lions group for the next 5km.

Oxford County’s Adopt a Road program allows individuals or groups to look after a section of roadway by keeping it clean of litter. In acknowledgement, Oxford County installs signage that includes a text description or logo recognizing the person or group/organization looking after the section of road.


How to participate

Interested applicants should contact Oxford County Public Works about the section of roadway they are interested in taking care of. Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure there are no safety issues for the participants in that area.

Once approved:

  • the applicant will be asked to enter into an agreement with Oxford County. If they agree with the conditions, the agreement can be signed and returned for approval by the County; then,
  • once the application has been approved, a Roads Foreperson will contact the applicant for information to prepare the sign. 

Interested applicants should download and carefully read the information package that contains safety guidelines, the litter pick-up program agreement, and other key information.

Download the information package