Being a paramedic is a challenging but extremely rewarding way to serve your community.

Interested in becoming a paramedic?

Paramedics are graduates of a two-year post secondary diploma program.  Requirements for entry into the paramedic program vary slightly from college to college. 

These requirements may include:

  • OSSD with Grade 11 or 12 math and/or English, biology and/or chemistry.
  • Graduation from Community College pre-health science program or a Bachelor of Science degree from a university can significantly increase chances of program acceptance
  • First Aid & CPR certification
  • Class F driver's license
  • Must be free of communicable diseases and up-to-date immunization status
  • No criminal record
  • Be physically fit

What is it like?

After 44 years as a paramedic in Oxford County, Pete Foster is well acquainted with the job. He has seen, firsthand, the way the field has changed over the past four decades. Ben Smith, one of the county’s new recruits, has just graduated from a paramedic program and knows the process well. They’ve shared their experiences so others can see what being a paramedic is like. Read their interviews here.


Oxford County Paramedic Services encourages and supports field placements for students enrolled in a college paramedic program. Each year, experienced Oxford County Paramedics take on a leadership role and work with students to provide them with the critical experience they need to be successful in their role. The paramedic serves as a role model facilitating student learning through demonstration, explanation, guidance, support and evaluation.
To find a program suitable for you, visit the Ontario government website on paramedic training programs.