Consultants working under contract for the County or area municipalities within Oxford County can request GIS data needed for their work.
Notwithstanding the terms of the contract, requests for GIS data must be made in writing. The letter must identify the project for which the information is required; identify the municipality’s project manager and list, in detail, all of the information required. If the request is limited to a specific area, a shape file or map supporting the request is helpful.

The request must be submitted to the GIS team for processing.

The GIS data is provided under the following terms and conditions:

Limited licence grant Oxford County grants to the "Licensee" a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited licence to use the GIS data without fee. Licensee may make copies and distribute complete, unmodified copies of the GIS data within the Licensee's organization only.  

Restrictions The GIS data is copyrighted information of Oxford County. The GIS data may not be sold, leased or assigned in whole or in part. The GIS data cannot be used in commercial products without the express permission of the Oxford County and it must not be used or posted on an external website. 

No warranty The GIS data is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Oxford County assumes no liability for any alleged or actual, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the furnishing, performance or use of this GIS data.

For more information contact the GIS team.GIS layers


The County of Oxford maintains an address database on behalf of the municipalities.

Your local municipality is the assigning authority governing addresses. Emergency Services can only help you if they can locate you. So know your civic address!

Know your civic address (civic number, street or road name and municipality), and be prepared to provide it in an emergency situation. If you do not know your municipal civic address, contact your local municipal office or search for it using our online interactive map. If you do not have a civic address or your rural 6 digit sign (blue sign) is missing, contact your local municipal office.

For more information contact us.

An example is 223951 Ostrander Road

The first 2 numbers, in this example, 22, is the ROAD IDENTIFICATION NUMBER. If this number is odd, the road runs north/south. If the number is even, the road runs east/west.

The last 4 numbers, in this example, 3951, is the FRONTAGE INTERVAL. Increase by one (1) number every ten (10) metres - On a north/south road, the frontage interval increases as you travel from south to north on Highway No. 2 being 5000
- On an east/west road, the frontage interval increases as you travel from west to east with Highway No. 59 / Oxford County Road No. 13 being 5000
- If the number is odd the property is on the north or west side of the road. If the number is even, the property is on the south or east side of the road.

Lastly Ostrander, in this example, is the Road Name.