Warden Marcus Ryan

Welcome to Oxford County!

Warden Marcus Ryan, Nov 2022

Whether you are a resident, visitor, partner or observer, there is something inspiring for everyone. It may be the enviable quality of life, local government’s embrace of community wellbeing and community sustainability, our diverse local economy and robust job market. Or maybe it is one of our award-winning tourism experiences, which reflect Oxford’s varied cultural and recreational offerings. Through all of these, Oxford’s strength—and charm—is its balance of small urban and rural life, a theme played out in lifestyle, commerce, government, and culture.

Preserving and improving quality of life in Oxford is a priority for the 2022-2026 County Council. To that end, we are focused on setting clear direction for the services we provide to Oxford County residents, now and in the future.

Part of this is a continuation of our commitment to sustainability, the triple bottom line that considers the economic, environmental and social consequences of our decisions. Part of it is a renewed focus on the partnerships among the eight local area municipalities and all the communities within them. Our vision remains, more than ever, one of “growing stronger together.”

Finally, a part of our work this Council term must focus on taking a leadership role in advancing our own best interests and destiny by participating in the provincial dialogue. Council faces new challenges this term with recent legislative changes that are impacting Ontario’s municipalities: we must prepare to meet them. The things that make Oxford County unique—and our autonomy to make decisions about the future of our community-- are worth preserving.


Warden Marcus Ryan 
November 2022