What is Vision to Action?

Oxford County’s first Strategic Plan was approved in March 2013. Following that, six "Vision to Action" employee teams were formed to work on the first set of Council's priorities: 

  • Community engagement                    
  • Public information
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Service delivery reviews
  • People who make a positive difference

In March 2014, Council directed staff to begin work on another objective, work that is currently being overseen by a community-led steering committee. 

  •  Community sustainability planning

Read the Executive Summary: From Vision to Action: Strategic Plan Progress Report (2014) 

Vision to action strategic plan cover

 Inform and Engage

Strategic Direction 4: A County that informs and engages

Children in a library holding up a sign, cover of the Inform and Engage publicationAt a fundamental level, the County must inform people about the services it delivers and how these services bring value to Oxford’s citizens. With a better understanding of the County’s role, citizens will then be better equipped to participate in local government.

Our strategy

  • Develop a culture in which community engagement is an integral part of program planning
  • Better inform staff about the communication process and what makes communication effective


Download the Inform and Engage workbook (October 2014)    

More information: Contact Strategic Communication & Engagement

 Service Excellence

Strategic Direction 5: A County that performs and delivers results

Customer service has been an area of focus—and pride-- for the County for many years. The “Service Excellence” strategy represents a the next step in our customer service philosophy, in which regard for our citizens and each other is ingrained in everything we do. 

Service excellence report cover - PSW pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair down the hall

Our strategy

  • Create a culture of service excellence
  • Educate staff about service standards
  • Get better quality of feedback on customer service

 Download the Service Excellence strategy book

 More information: Contact Customer Service

 For employees

Download the printable Service Excellence reference sheet

Download the Service Excellence poster


 Service Delivery Reviews

Services That Work

Strategic Direction 5: A County that performs and delivers results

The County’s service delivery review, Services That Work, is a multi-year project that will help us better understand, and make recommendations on, how to deliver our services in a way that is efficient, effective, and positively impacts the community.

Our strategy

Launch an organized and systematic service delivery review (Services That Work) to ensure the County is efficiently and effectively delivering services that improve quality of life

News and updates

Jan 28, 2015

Update presented to County Council by Munro Strategic Perspective, project consultant, focusing on service improvement opportunities being further explored

July 9, 2014

Interim report presented to County Council by Munro Strategic Perspective, project consultant, featuring service groupings

 Employer of Choice

Employees who make a positive difference

Our people, Our Strength

Strategic Direction 6: A County that employs people who make a positive difference

Our People, Our Strength cover image. 10 Peoples hands all together up in the airThe 2018-2020 Our People, Our Strength plan describes the specific actions we will undertake over the next few years to enable the County to attract, retain and

develop the highest quality staff.

Our strategy

The Plan focuses on three areas that support the outcome of engaged employees:

  • Talent management
  • Effective leaders
  • Safe and healthy workplaces

Download the Our People, Our Strength 2018-2020 plan

Looking back

Download the Our People, Our Strength 2015-2017 plan

Our People, Our Strength guidance documents

The Competency Framework Handbook and Succession Planning & Leadership Development Toolkit were developed to continue to influence future human resources practices and initiatives related to employee engagement, talent management, and effective leadership.

Download the Competency Framework Handbook and Succession Planning & Leadership Development Toolkit

More information

Contact Human Resources

 Monitoring and reporting

Strategic Direction 5: A County that performs and delivers results

The Strategic Plan is changing the way the County approaches its work. The work of the Monitoring and Reporting team is a common thread across the Vision to Action priorities that compels staff to consider how it will demonstrate the value of services in a way that is meaningful and understandable for the community.

Our strategy
Establish a framework for monitoring and reporting that measures and informs on the successes of the Strategic Plan

Read the "Monitoring and Reporting" summary in County Council Report CAO 2014-15 (October 8, 2014)

More information

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 Community Sustainability

Strategic Direction 3: A County that thinks ahead and wisely shapes the future

The proposal for a Community Sustainability Plan was accepted by Council in March 2014 as a means of developing a policy platform from which the County, area municipalities and, potentially, the community can influence decisions that secure our future, including new landfill development, source water protection, caring for an aging population, waste management and other issues that determine quality of life.

The development of a community-driven sustainability plan supports the County’s commitment to thinking ahead and wisely shaping the future by applying social, financial and environmental sustainability lenses to significant decisions.

Our strategy

  • Provide a policy framework for furthering the goals and objectives of the community in a manner consistent with the strategic plans of all nine municipalities

See the Community Sustainability section on Speak Up, Oxford!

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