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Status: Completed

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Oxford County developed a Cycling Master Plan to enhance its current cycling initiatives, identify opportunities for commuter cycling, and provide on-road connectivity to local cycling and off-road trail networks. The County retained WSP Canada Group Limited, in partnership with Share the Road Cyclist Coalition, to prepare the Cycling Master Plan.


The core objectives of the Cycling Master Plan were to:

  • Better connect significant community areas and key destinations through municipal cycling and trail networks that also align with provincial cycling initiatives, such as the province-wide cycling network;
  • Plan for multi-modal connections between cycling and public transit, car pool lots, and passenger rail service, and identify commuter cycling routes to support travel by bike to and from work or other major trips; and,
  • Support education and promote tourism opportunities to create a stronger culture of cycling in Oxford County.

Public consultation

In reviewing and updating the Cycling Master Plan, the project team engaged with the public to identify the community’s servicing needs and priorities. Members of the public were invited and encouraged to comment on the project at any time during the Study.

Those interested in this study were invited to participate by:

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