YOZine is a brand new zine for Oxford County Library tweens and teens. Created by you, for you! YOZine will be published seasonally and will be made from the writing, poetry, cartoons, art and more that you create and submit.

Current Issue


Past Issues

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Submit your content by May 31st to be included in the Spring Edition

How to submit something: 

Email YOZine@ocl.net and include

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your email address
  • Attach your originally created content (Word document, Google document, JPEG image)

NOTE: Only your first name and age will be published with your work.

What kinds of things can I submit?

  1. Readers Cafe:
    Submit a book title and author along with 2-3 sentences about why you liked the book.
  2. Sparks:
    Submit ideas and instructions for crafts, experiments, games or activities.
  3. Poetry/Creative Writing:
    Submit a poem or short story.  It can be about anything or try writing about what you did this summer.
  4. Build your own story adventure:
    Continue the story starting with this sentence: 
    “I heard a knock at the door, and when I opened it up I saw…”
    Write up to 5 more sentences in the story.
  5. Famous Artists:
    Submit a picture of a drawing or piece of art you made.
  6. YO Funny!
    Draw a comic or send in your favourite joke.
  7. Challenge of the Week
    Send us a picture of what you did using 5 items, your creativity and imagination.