Oxford County

Oxford Land Patent Plan Maps 1820-1851

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Discover this visual resource as an aid to trace your ancestors’ Crown land records. These maps show the status of Crown lands in Oxford County, whether patented, leased, or under a license of occupation.

Recently made available by the Archives of Ontario this series consists of plans showing the status of Crown lands, whether patented, leased, or under a license of occupation. Until the late 1970s, patent plans were used within the Ministry of Natural Resources as a quick reference tool to show the alienation of Crown land. 

Whenever a lot or a portion of a lot was patented, the patentee's name was inscribed on the plan in the appropriate place and the lot normally was marked with a "D" for "described". Later survey plans were obtained from other government sources such as land registry offices.

Several patent plans may exist for a town or township, and the information provided may vary among the plans. Particularly in the pre-Confederation period, these plans were used to record locations on land made for grants and sales. Often, however, the individuals named on the plans did not follow through with obtaining a patent on the land. Thus, in order to confirm that a patent was actually issued, it is necessary to examine other sources such as various indices to land patents.

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