Pizza Stone and Stand

Consists of: A ceramic pizza stone and rack

Dimensions: 38.1 diameter cm (15 inches)

Number pieces per unit: 2 (1 stone, 1 rack)

Number units in set: 1

Use: A pizza stone can be used for baking a pizza or bread.  Do not grease or oil stone.  If using stone to bake bread, use a dusting of cornmeal to aid in release of bread. Place pizza stone in its rack then rack and stone in cold oven.  Pre-heat oven to required temperature. Only transfer pizza to stone once oven and stone are at temperature then bake.

Frozen pizzas are not recommended for pizza stones.  Temperature difference between heat stone and frozen pizza can crack or shatter the stone. Thaw pizza first to room temperature then transfer to heated stone.

Special instructions: Do not use a knife or pizza cutter on the stone. Always transfer item to cooling surface before cutting. The cutting implement will be damaged by being used on the pizza stone, although it will not damage the pizza stone.

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