Paderno Two-Blade Handheld Spiralizer

Consists of: A handheld spiralizer that makes ribbons and spiral cuts of a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Dimensions: 8 L x 8 W x 9 H cm (3.54 x 3.14 x 3.14 inches)

Number of pieces per unit: 5

Number of units in set: 1

Use: Cut firm fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cucumber, radishes and zucchini of less than 2 3/4" diameter into flat ribbons or 1/4"-thick spirals.  Top cover has 12 spikes and serves as pusher, keeping hands away from blades.

Cleaning instructions: Wash by hand or the top rack of the dishwasher.

Special instructions: Use with caution as the blades are sharp.

Manufacturer’s website:

2 blade spirializer 1.jpg