Gingerbread Men Pan

Gingerbread Men Pan

Consists of: A metal pan for making gingerbread men cookies.

Dimensions: 36.5 L x 28 wide x 2 cm H (14.4 x 11.1 x  0.8 inches)

Number pieces per unit: 1

Number units in set: 1

Use: Make 12 gingerbread or sugar cookies in the shape of gingerbread people.  Press dough into the cavities and bake.

Cleaning instructions: Wash by hand with hot soapy water and a dish cloth or sponge.  Avoid scrubbers or scrubbing brushes as they will scratch the surface.

Special Instructions: none.

Manufacturer’s website: N/A

gingerbreadmen 3.jpggingerbreadmen 1.jpggingerbreadmen 2.jpg