Oxford County Library

Town of Ingersoll Directory (1894-1895)

An alphabetically arranaged list of private citizens and professional men, produced by the Union Publishing Company of Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

"In presenting to our patrons and the public our first Directory of Ingersoll, we have endeavored to make the work as complete and concise as possible. A thorough canvas has been made from house to house, and if any names are missed it will be found that persons so missed are much to blame as our canvassers have been careful to ask for all names in the houses. We are much gratified at the result of our labours, as it will show that the town is in a flourishing condition. The Postal revenue, which is very large for a town of this size, has increased in the last decade more than one third, and our factories, of which we have a fair share, are all active and prosperous. During our canvas very few vacant houses have been found, which in itself will indicate that the town will compete very favourably with any in the country. The town will be found ranking very high in the matter of insurance, as it has one of the best Waterworks Systems and Fire Brigades to be found in Canada. Being beautifully and conveniently situated, and having good shipping facilities , good Electric and Water power, a number of large factories employing a large number of men are located here". [an excerpt from the 1894/95 Ingersoll Directory]