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Star Wars Ice Cube Molds

(Zoku DV-B02-EFOOOO)

Consists of: A set of 2 Darth Vader’s helmet ice cube molds.

Dimensions: Base: 8 H x 9 diameter cm (3.1 x 3.5 inches); Darth Vader Mold: 10 H x 7.5 diameter cm (2.75 x 3.75 inches).

Number of pieces per unit: 2

Number of units in set: 2

Use: Each mold makes one (1) Darth Vader helmet shaped ice cube of approximately (2.25 x 2 diameter inches).  Invert the silicone Darth Vader helmet mold in the base and fill mold only up as far as the fill line.  Water, juice, or other freezable liquids may be used.

Cleaning instructions: Hand wash only.

Special instructions: Some juices and other liquids that are strongly coloured may discolour the molds.

Manufacturer’s website:

Star Wars Ice Cube MoldsStar Wars Ice Cube MoldsStar Wars Ice Cube MoldsStar Wars Ice Cube Molds

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