Oxford County Library


May 26, 2015
Ingersoll Grows Seed Library

Seeds are available to anyone who signs up and who has an OCL card.


The frosty nights seem to be behind us and many are scrambling to get their gardens in! We still have many seeds left at the free seed library – mostly beans and tomatoes of many varieties.


The Ingersoll Grows Seed Library is a new service at the Ingersoll Public Library, 130 Oxford St. (Town Centre Building) in Ingersoll. The Ingersoll Grows Seed Library offers free access to seeds and seed saving education. Our goal is to support local food security and steward our region’s biodiversity. Locally-raised seeds are more resilient and better adapted to our soil and microclimate.


A seed library is exactly what it sounds like – a library of seeds. Seed library members borrow seeds at no charge, and are then expected to save seeds from the plants they grow and to return some of those seeds to the library at the end of the growing season. By returning seeds from successful plants, members ensure the sustainability of the library, as well as help in cultivating seeds that are especially suited to our community’s growing conditions.


The seeds are available to anyone who signs up and has an Oxford County Library card. It is our hope that you will “return” seeds at harvest time if your planting was successful; the more seeds in the library, the more members of our community who can experience the pleasures of growing their own food from local seeds.


The Ingersoll Grows Seed Library encourages those donating seeds to practice organic growing methods and to be honest when providing information on their seed donations. However, there is no guarantee that the seeds donated by community members are organic. As long as you use organic growing methods, your vegetables will be essentially organic, just unable to be certified by an independent certifier until you have been growing them organically for a minimum of 3 years.


To register for this service or for more information, contact the Ingersoll Public Library at (phone) 519-485-2505 or (email) ingersolllibrary@ocl.net