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Enchanted Castle

(MuffinBOI by XNM Creations B072LFYGX7)

Consists of: A set of 24 silicone muffin cups.

Dimensions: 3.4 H x 7 in diameter cm (1.34 x 2.75 inches)

Number of pieces per unit: 24 (4 each in red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple)

Number of units in set: 1

Use: Reusable silicone muffin cups are BPA free and non-stick alternative to paper liners.  While the cups are sturdy enough to contain muffin, cupcake, cake or other batters, a muffin tin strongly is suggested for use while baking. 

Cleaning instructions: Wash by hand or dishwasher.  For stuck on foods, flip inside out and gently scrub with a non-abrasive cloth, sponge or brush.

Special instructions: Greasing/spraying is unnecessary as the silicone naturally is non-stick.  Heat resistance up to 233⁰C/450⁰F.

Manufacturer’s website: N/A

Silicone Muffin CupsSilicone Muffin CupsSilicone Muffin Cups

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